Tickets may be purchased online, or in person at The Rose Theatre box office for £5 for each 2-hour screening.

All are most welcome to the ‘Winners Presentation’ on Sunday January 29th at 6.30pm in ‘The David Jacobs Room’.

Part One

‘Lucy In My Eyes’ (USA) Having lost her father to suicide in college, Lucy has a dream on the eve of her wedding where she reconnects with herself at age six. Given a window to 'change' her history, she comes to some poignant realizations about herself and her past. Director: Megan Park (11’ – 40”)

‘Croissant’ (Spain) Two strangers in the same bed so the best way to start a new relationship begins with breakfast. Director: Marius Conrotto (6’ – 29”)

‘At Dawn’ (UK) During World War One, a British Army Corporal tries to save his young friend from a terrible injustice. Director: Phil Stubbs (13’ – 25”)

‘Cold’ (UK) A woman serves a man a meal with terrifying results. Director: Tom Begley (3’ – 22”)

‘Ennoi’ (China) Ennoi after struggling through a long, bleak and frustrating night, she finally dreams up a most ingenious and brilliant idea. Director: Federica Marchese (11’ – 18”)

‘Banana Pearl’ (UK) A race against time tale. Two friends try to break an apparently un-crackable code for a ruthless gangster. With a pumping soundtrack, this is a fast-paced slice of Brit-gangster mayhem. Directed by Ben Simon (14’ – 38”)

15 Minute Interval

Part Two

‘Rice Paper: The Eternal Treasure’ (China) Passionate middle-aged rice paper workers and managers strive to preserve their culture, tackling the disinterested younger generation before they’re forced to retire. Director: Solar Liu and Serena Ren (13’ – 37”)

‘The Barber’s Cut’ (UK) Two cut off but living heads wake up in a fridge and attempt to escape while trying to avoid a psycho barber. Director Mark Brocking (11’ – 40”)

‘Neon’ (UK) A fallen angel is given a second chance at life following his death from an accidental drug overdose. Forced to work as a 'cupid' he is forbidden to pursue love and so he decides to end his cruel existence and, ultimately, his heartbreak. Directed by Mark J. Blackman (15’ – 00”)

‘Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff: The Sound of Philadelphia’ (USA) The story of the writer-producer duo who founded Philadelphia International Records in 1971 which became the second largest black-owned music company in America, just behind Motown. Director: Bayer Mack (3’ – 03”)

‘The Things We Say’ (UK) ‘You see’, she said, ‘your first love isn’t the first person you give your heart to - it’s the first one who breaks it’ Lang Leav Director: Riccardo Servini (5’ – 18”)

‘Night Drive’ (UK) A psychological thriller set in London. It's a character study of Karen who loses everything that matters to her. The film is shot noir-style with some sequences in black and white. Director: Ella Gancarz (12’ – 30”)