Lance Nielsen

Award winning film Writer & Director

He was a prolific theatre director, directing 11 plays, prior to directing his first feature film, ’The Journey' starring Jason Flemyng and Lindsey Coulson which picked up 5 awards at festivals including one for Best Director at the St Tropez Film Festival. He currently has another three feature screenplays in development and is now in preparation on his second Feature, the historical war movie epic 'Pegasus Bridge’.

Jesus Diez Perez

Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effects Artist

Currently based in New Zealand where he is working for Weta, Peter Jacksons Company having worked on ‘Planet Of The Apes 3’ and also worked at George Lucas studios in Singapore on ‘Jurassic World’, developing his first feature film, a feel-good drama/comedy called ‘Rap Grampas’.

Paul Atherton

Director and producer

An established London based film & television Director/Producer. He is the only person in the world to have screened a film, ‘The Ballet of Change’, on the world famous Coca Cola billboard at Piccadilly Circus, as well as the only person to have premiered a Short Film ‘Colour Blind’ to the press at the legendary Odeon Leicester Square. His video diary ‘Our London Lives’ is now a part of a permanent museum collection at The London Museum. He focuses on issues driven social commentary and works in a variety of filmic mediums.

Andy Currums

Artistic Director of Creative Youth

Andy curates and runs the International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF) - a multi-disciplinary festival that takes place in Kingston every July.  He is also an arts reviewer in London and at the Edinburgh Festival. IYAF 2017 will have a focus on international works and companies and will aim to bring together artists from across the world.